Rail Radar - Map Your Train Live on Google Maps

Indian Railways Launches “Rail Radar” which enables the commuters to know the location of a train on a map and visualize the running-train network on Google maps. The Center for Railway Information Systems(CRIS), the information technology (IT) arm of the Indian Railways has developed the application.This is an improved version of the earlier tracking system "Spot Your Train."
The interactive map can zoom in and zoom out to get station and train details. Users can search for a particular station or train to get specific details of trains around the station or running status of a train, location, its route and stoppages. Rail Radar also gives an overview on trains running on time as well as status of delayed trains. In case of a mishap/unplanned activity, Rail Radar would be able to provide users with an overview of situation and train status across the country.Currently. Rail Radar is configured to update/refresh itself every five minutes, which means that in any scenario, the location and status of the trains displayed on Rail Radar will always be five or more minutes delayed. 
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Choice No.1  :  Visit official site of any state electricity board say PSPL site for Punjab India and register your electricity bill correctly. Then login with the chosen User ID and password to view the Bills online and pay through various options but before paying please check the charges levied if any. As PSPCL is levying heavily while making payment through Credit Cards and nominal charge of Rs.4/- per bill through internet banking channels.

Choice No.2  : Almost every Bank provides links for payment of Utility Bills, Taxes, Donations and Payment of Taxes. One can make payments through these links .

Choice No.3  : Some Banks provide facility of paying mobile bills and other utilities through their ATM Machines. One can pay through ATM Machines as per their Banker's Tie-up-Arrangement.

Choice No.4  :Register at Visabillpay  (any site with  (dot in)  indicates India) .Visa Bill Pay is providing services in India through  SMS/EMAIL reminders to its registered subscribers to timely pay the bills online. One is not supposed to be registered at Service Providers' website but has just to add the biller for which Visa Bill Pay (India) is providing services. No charges are to be paid while paying through Visa Bill Pay rather ATTRACTIVE CASH BACK DISCOUNTS are offered by Visa Bill Pay. Such payments can be made through Debit/Credit Cards having Visa Logo as above but be sure that your Debit or Credit Card is registered with 3D Secure site of issuer Bank for example the 3D secure site of Punjab National Bank.
While using Debit or Credit Card ensure to keep the CVV number in secured possession. The CVV Number ("Card Verification Value") on your credit card or debit card is a 3 digit number as shown in the image on VISA®, MasterCard® and Discover® branded credit and debit cards. Erase this CVV number for SECURITY REASONS and memorise it as any above CARD with Card Number and CVV number without physical possession of the card (as needed while swiping ) is sufficient for making online purchases. As such never loose your Card Number and CVV number under the impression that physical custody of the Card is with you and it can't be misused. 
In our opinion Choice No.1 and Choice No.4 are the best options to keep a track of the old payments as sometimes it becomes difficult to co-ordinate between the Banker and Biller to reconcile the payments made whereas complete old record is available under Choice No.1 and limited record is available under Choice No.4.